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Anti corruption study Macedonia


Monitoring and Evaluation, Public Administration Reform, Public Financial Management, Agriculture, Good Governance and Public Administration, Natural Resource Management

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SIPU was assigned by Sida to carry out an anti-corruption study in Macedonia. The main purpose of the assignment was to:

  • Provide Sida and development partners with an up-to-date analysis of corruption – its causes, dimensions and effects in Macedonia and possible means to strengthen the fight against corruption
  • Provide specific insights into corruption within two of the three main areas of Swedish development cooperation: agriculture and sustainable development
  • Be an instrument in identifying areas and issues that require further attention and be the starting point for stronger, engaged and coordinated dialogue with the Government of Macedonia and concerned authorities regarding the fight against corruption
  • Provide input and contributions to the expected review and up-date of the current Strategy for Development Cooperation
  • Assist Sida to plan and structure its anti-corruption work and serve as an input in the elaboration of the Anti-Corruption Action Plan of the Embassy.

The final outcome of the assignment was a study that provided Sida and other development partners with insights and recommendations on how to become a more knowledgeable and concerned development partner with regard to anti-corruption, what specific measures that are needed to fight corruption in the agriculture and sustainable development sectors, and what measures to take to minimise the risk for corruption within Sida funded projects.