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Appraisal of the Bridging Phase Kenya Water and Sanitation Programme to Kenya Water Sector Development Programme


Monitoring and Evaluation, Water Sector Services, Gender Equality, Environment and Climate Change, Natural Resource Management

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The purpose of the Bridging Programme was Sector support to fully institutionalize the Water Sector SWAP to:.

  • Support critical reform/sector performance activities.
  • Continued funding of key capacity strengthening activities.
  • Continued support for WRMA and WSTF on key activities that were ongoing under KWSP.
  • Connect the KWSP to the impending KWSDP over a 2 year period between 2010 and 2012.

To achieve the Objectives of the Bridging Programme the Programme has three components as follows:
Component 1. Water Sector Coordination Component.
Component 2. Water Services and Sanitation Component.
Component 3. Water Resources Management Component.