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Appraisal of the Phase II of the Programme for Luapula Agricultural and Rural Development


Agriculture, Monitoring and Evaluation, Market Development, Natural Resource Management, Natural Resource Management

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One of the main interventions in the Zambian-Finnish Development co-operation in the agriculture sector was the Programme for Luapula Agricultural and Rural Development (PLARD). The Programme included four components: Agribusiness, Agriculture, Fisheries, and Management Alignment and Harmonisation.

The first phase was to end in December 2010, and at the time the preparations for the second phase were ongoing. The PLARD II formulation mission for the second four-year phase took place in July-August 2009 and the Programme Document was finalised in October 2009.

The purpose of the assignment was to review the feasibility of the proposed programme design and implementation arrangements, and based on the findings and recommendations of the mission and the decisions by the two Governments, to prepare a revised final draft programme document.