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Assessing Sources of Development Revenue in LAMP Districts


Fund Management, Land Administration, Natural Resource Management, Public Financial Management, Public Administration Reform, Agriculture, Good Governance and Public Administration, Natural Resource Management

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Land Management Programme (LAMP) is a SIDA supported district development programme operating in the districts of Babati, Kiteto and Simanjiro in Manyara Region and Singida District in Singida Region. The four districts are currently implementing LAMP Phase II, 2002 –2005 and a Plan of Operations has been formulated to guide the implementation of the programme during the period.

LAMP has been much involved in building capacity in the Districts and gearing them up to be able to access the Capital Development and Capacity Building Grants. This is in line with the Local Government Reform Programme and is crucial for the future of the LAMP Districts. LAMP II is coming to an end in June 2006 and it has been understood that there will be no Sida funds forthcoming to the Districts thereafter which coincides with the governments policy that all bilateral area based programmes should be phased out by 2008.

It is important to make an assessment of what funding options are available to the Districts that could substitute the Sida funding and by supporting the issues/sectors previously supported by Sida. It is necessary to identify other funding mechanisms/grants that may be available to the Districts for implementing activities targeting natural resource management, agriculture, community development and land issues. The study should only look into those government and other development funds that will go directly into the District budgets as was the case with the Sida funding. Furthermore, the study should compare scenario whereby the Districts qualify for the Capital Development Grants/Capacity Building Grants with a scenario where they do not. Special emphasis shall be placed on funding alternatives that will be available to the Districts as of July 1 2006.