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Assessment of relevance of research initiatives planned within CGIAR – II


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Compilation of an assessment document for Sida regarding relevance from a stakeholder perspective of 12 research initiatives that have been planned within CGIAR. (2nd call-off with similar task)

The research collaboration unit is responsible for Sida’s support for the agricultural research organisation CGIAR ( Sida’s contributions to CGIAR mean that Sida is represented in CGIAR’s System Council, the governing body in CGIAR in which all major donors participate. In order to be able to actively contribute within CGIAR, within set timeframes, and to take the initiative with regards to relevant decision making and strategic issues from time to time, as well as to strengthen Sida’s follow-up of CGIAR, Sida needs specific expertise in the field of agricultural research and development.

By participating in the meetings held in the steering group for CGIAR (CGIAR System Council, held 2-4 times a year), Sida contributes to the details of the business being decided, influencing donors’ decisions on annual work plans and budgets and other details about which research programmes should receive grants.

Scientific quality is ensured through an advisory committee ISDC (Independent Science and Development Council), which reviews the research proposals and advises the CGIAR System Council. The approval of the selected research programmes is formally done at the System Council where donors are represented in relation to the size of the grants and the degree of earmarking.

In total 31 CGIAR research initiatives have been published. The first 19 were published in November 2021 and discussed in the System Council 14-15 December the same year. These first 19 were assessed and summarized in a report by FCG Sweden, delivered to Sida 9 December together with a de-briefing session.

Early February 2022 CGIAR published the remaining 12 initiatives. Comments from the ISDC were expected before mid-February 2022.