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Audit Follow-up and Field Analysis Support to the Water Services Trust Fund


Monitoring and Evaluation, Local Government and Decentralisation, Water Sector Services, Good Governance and Public Administration, Natural Resource Management

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The Water Services Trust Fund (WSTF) was established in May 2004 under the Water Act, 2002 as part of the reforms in the water sector in Kenya. The Act sets out the framework within which the water sector reforms are being implemented. The organization serves as an innovative funding mechanism to improve the delivery of water and sanitation services throughout Kenya with focus on areas without adequate coverage emphasizing on the poor and disadvantaged groups. The WSTF received technical assistance in the formative stages by the Kenya Water and Sanitation Programme (KWSP) under which this assignment was carried out.

The object of the assignment was to support the WSTF in its determination of the way forward in 9 cases of Rural Water Supply Sanitation (RWSS) projects identified as problematic in the Audit Report of the WSTF.