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Baseline study of Sida’s Action Plan for preventing and mitigating corruption 2020-2023


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In 2020 the Director General decided to strengthen Sida’s capacity to address corruption as a critical obstacle to sustainable development and adopted an Action Plan for preventing and mitigating corruption 2020-20231 for Sida to work with corruption as an obstacle to development for 2021-2023 (hereafter “the action plan”), to be implemented by departments/units at Sida HQ and foreign missions abroad (attached).

TEMA is responsible to provide support, guidance and advice to implementing
departments/units/missions and to organize yearly anti-corruption dialogues to follow-up progress, share experiences and learnings from the implementation of the action plan.
In order to understand and learn if and how the action plan and its suggested activities lead to the expected change or not, a user friendly M&E framework was developed together with consultants to accompany the implementation of the guide. Sida would like this framework to be presented to its anti-corruption network.
The M&E framework includes the articulation of Theory of Change(s) and indicators to make it easy to monitor and evaluate if change/results happens or not as a consequence of the action plan, and explore the reasons behind. Simple baselines/entry values still need to be added to the framework.

In addition and after baseline data has been gathered and analysed, Sida would need the same exercise to be conducted again, gathering new data and conducting new analysis based on the same indicators from the M&E framework. According to the M&E-framework, data should be collected annually.
Within the frame of the Action Plan, Sida is also working with a flagship project in anti-corruption, the Anti-Corruption Partnership Pilot (APP, 2021-2014), which is a three-year multi-stakeholder initiative to implement an anti-corruption project based on best-practice principles across 2-3 pilot countries.
One of the principles of this project approach is adaptive planning and learning on the go, which Sida would like to apply to this APP project.

The objective of the assignment is to provide expertise, facilitate and support Sida in the
finalisation and first follow up of the simple, user-friendly and relevant M&E framework
suitable for the follow-up and learning from Sida’s action plan for preventing and mitigating
corruption 2020-2023. It is also to support and guide Sida in working with adaptive
management in the APP project.