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Capacity building of EPLAUA staff in surveying, mapping and GIS supporting establishment of Land Administration system


Land Administration, Natural Resource Management

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Surveys of land are necessary for establishing and supporting the Land Administration System. The success of the Land Administration System is dependent on the availability of skilled staff at all levels in surveying, mapping and GIS.

EPLAUA must be able to provide the facilities for in-house training. Training that covers the relationship between modern geodetic control networks and the Land Administration System and eventually will lead to the creation of a uniform system covering the whole of the Amhara Region. Within that framework a variety of procedures may be adopted to survey the boundaries of properties.

Training in surveying, mapping and GIS for Land Administration System must be theoretical and practical, available to all who require training. It should range from more comprehensive professional training to short-term courses to introduce new techniques. EPLAUA must ensure that there is an adequate pool of qualified teaching staff that is well skilled in the latest Land Administration System techniques.

A rapid rise in competence inside the EPLAUA could be the best way to create training for the EPLAUA staff and in the next sep private surveyors. Education and training are ongoing process and EPLAUA need to bring continuing in-house training into the EPLAUA staffs (Woreda desk).

This is new activities in Ethiopia and the training of trainer is proposed to take place abroad since lack of suitable training events in Ethiopia in surveying, mapping and GIS for Land Administration System and no established Land Administration System in Ethiopia that can be studied.