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Capacity building of the Public Administration Reform Coordinator’s Office (PARCO)

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Local Government and Decentralisation, Public Administration Reform, Good Governance and Public Administration

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The overall aim of this project was to support Bosnia and Herzegovina in improving its general administrative capacity and creating a more coherent and efficient administrative structure, by strengthening the PARCO (Public Administration Reform Coordinator’s Office) positioning within the complex BiH administrative structure and support it in revising and adapting the PAR Strategy Action Plan 1. Support was also provided to ensure a coordinated approach among the most relevant institutions to speed up the process of drafting the Action Plan 2 and reinforce the institutional capacities of PARCO in donor coordination and management of the PAR Fund.

In order to ensure appropriate project management, the project activities were planned according to the following framework: (1) PARCO Institutional Support, (2) Capacity building for the development of the revised AP1, (3) Capacity building for drafting the AP2 and (4) assistance to PAR Fund management and donor coordination.