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Capacity Building on Pedagogical Mainstreaming of Cross-cutting issues


Land Administration, Natural Resource Management, Other, Environment and Climate Change, Gender Equality, Natural Resource Management

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The Institute of Land Administration is part of Bahir Dar University; located in the capital of the Amhara National Regional State, Bahir Dar.

The B.S.c education programme in Land Administration started at Bahir Dar University (BDU) in September 2006 under the Faculty of Law. The programme was initiated by the Environmental Protection, Land Administration and Use Authority (EPLAUA) because of a serious lack of training manpower in the area of land administration.

The cross-cutting issues of gender, HIV/AIDS and environmental consideration has been identified as important for ILA. There is gender inequality in Ethiopia whereby women, compared with men, generally earn less, are less educated, enjoy fewer acknowledgements of the labour contributions and have much less decision-making power. The Ethiopian government has in recent years made a commitment to gender equality in various laws and policies. In the educational sector, the Education and Training Policy states that the design and development of curriculum and books should give special attention to gender issues.

The Institute of Land Administration (ILA) Bahir Dar University organised a two-week staff training workshop focussing on the mainstreaming of the cross-cutting issues of gender, HIV/AIDS and environment in the Institute’s teaching and learning processes in September 2009.

The overall goal of the assignment is to strengthen the capacity of University staff in mainstreaming cross-cutting issues into curricula, teaching methods, approaches and other non pedagogical processes like recruitment, course administration and management. ORGUT proposed the content of the training for approval by BDU/ILA management which included reviewing the earlier training and assessing the extent to which crosscutting issues had been mainstreamed as a result of the earlier training; produced relevant training materials in close collaboration with ILA; as deliver a training workshop in the pedagogical mainstreaming of crosscutting issues.