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Capacity building to the EUD in origination of EFSD+ Project Pipelines and Blending Operations


Market Development, Environment and Climate Change, Natural Resource Management

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The global objective of this assignment is to contribute to the fulfilment of the EFSD+ and TIP in Türkiye. The specific objective of the assignment is to provide technical support to the EU Delegation to Türkiye (EUD) in order to:

  • Better utilise the new framework provided by the EFSD+ as integrated package of support that includes budgetary guarantees, financial instruments, grants provided through ‘blending’ (a mix of EU grants with IFDI loans), and technical assistance to help improve the quality of projects and the implementation of reforms
  • Identify projects portfolios, in particular those suitable for sustainability-related financial instruments and products, and provide advisory support to mature project pipelines in priority thematic policy areas that will suit best the EFSD+ mechanism
  • Provide training and ad-hoc technical assistance support to EUD on questions related to EFSD+ and the development and scaling-up of sustainable finance frameworks and sustainability-related financial instruments and innovative products, building on the EU’s sustainable finance experiences

The ultimate objective of the support with a distinct focus on EFSD+ was to increase the impact and the complementarity of the various instruments under EFSD+. Following technical outputs were provided:

  • EU’s priority policy targets in Türkiye for EFSD+ guarantees and targeted use of blending
  • Status of Türkiye’s Green Taxonomy Report and Recommendations
  • Feasibility of establishment of national bond guarantee fund and a strategic equity investment fund and potential synergies and cooperation areas with the EFSD+
  • Project Portfolio development for EFSD+ with a focus on impactful pipeline projections, in particular those linked to sustainability-related financial instruments and products and financial innovation
  • Multi-stakeholder platform meeting reports following regular and impact-based communication
  • Stakeholder Consultation Policy Prioritisation Matrix with matching to different EFSD+ instruments
  • Establishment of a multi-stakeholder consultation to specify EU’s concrete priority policy targets for EFSD+ in Türkiye and ensuring the stakeholder engagement