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Capacity Development in Public Procurement


Public Administration Reform, Environment and Climate Change, Good Governance and Public Administration

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Kenya was undergoing procurement reforms in the public sector. Government of Kenya undertook several initiatives to enhance procurement efficiency and effectiveness in the public sector including the enactment of the Public Procurement and Disposal Act 2005 and the Public Procurement and Disposal Regulations 2006. At the level of procuring entities, various committees were created. In 2007, Parliament enacted the Supplies Practitioners Management Act to provide for training, registration, and licensing of procurement and supply chain management professionals, and to regulate their practice. The SPMA is being implemented through the Kenya Institute of Supplies Management. The Public Procurement Oversight Authority has embarked on programs to enhance the capacity of procurement staff to achieve the core objectives of the PPDA, PPDR, and SPMA.

Previous assessments and reviews concentrated on examining the level of compliance of the procurement system with Kenyan laws and regulations as well as with international best practice. A common conclusion of these analyses was that to enhance compliance and to ensure that value for money was procured, technical and organizational capacity development of relevant staff and of procuring entities (PEs) is necessary. To enhance gains made, there was a need for a long-term Procurement Capacity Development for Kenya. GIZ supported PPOA in developing a long-term capacity development and training program and for assistance in the operation of the procurement system at PE-level.

The objective of this assignment was to design a long-term Procurement Capacity Development Strategy. The strategy aimed to include an overall training programme for staff concerned with procurement as well as a strategy for enhancement of institutional capacity of PEs. The strategy integrated in the wider context of GIZ advisory work on public sector governance and public sector reform in Kenya, and was linked with the long term operationalization of the Supplies Practitioners Management Act.