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Communication: Water Sector Reforms and Water Resource Management


Gender Equality, Water Sector Services, Local Government and Decentralisation, Good Governance and Public Administration, Natural Resource Management

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The Ministry of Water and Irrigation has been undertaking fundamental reforms in the water sector, supported by the Kenya Water and Sanitation Programme (KWSP). The reforms are the single biggest change in the water sector and will have significant implications on the manner in which water resources and service are managed. As a result they bear the potential for generating both political and social resistance if they are not well understood and accepted.

In view of this, the MWI developed the National Communication Strategy on Water Sector Reforms to guide communication as a cross-cutting issue among all components and institutions involved in the reforms. The overall objectives of the strategy are to increase awareness, improve knowledge and build support of water sector reforms among key stakeholders; and promote positive water and sanitation management and conservation practices among all key stakeholders.

This short-term assignment was carried out in support of the Water Sector Reform Secretariat (WSRS) roll out communication plans to support water sector reforms. This was in line with the MWI communication strategy which aimed at building broad based awareness and support of the ongoing water sector reforms.