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Comparative Study of the National Agency for Cadastre and Land Registration (ANCPI) v other similar institutions in Europe


Monitoring and Evaluation, Land Administration, Natural Resource Management

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This project was concerned with an institutional review of the land administration authority in Romania and a comparative study with other similar European institutions. The study focused on the institutional structure, roles and responsibilities, financing and especially on the financing of land administration organisations and how organisations can be financially self sufficient while providing a range of land administration services and ensuring that the basic registers are complete. In Romania, special attention was paid to the state of completion of the registration, the planning strategic planning process and financial self sufficiency. The study is to be used to help establish a larger institutional support and systematic registration project.

The study included:
• Situational Analysis of ANCPI
• Institutional and Organisational Review
• Financial Management Review
• Comparison with other European organisations
• Review of options for development and recommendations for sustainable development