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Consultancy Services for the development of Luxury Cluster/High-End products – Mauritius



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This Project, financed by the European Union, had the general objective to position Mauritius as a hub for luxury products and develop it to become a Luxury Cluster / High-end Products.

The goal was to enable a core of manufacturers from several sub-sectors of the manufacturing industry to be competitive enough to export luxury items to established markets overseas.

Mauritius is emerging as a promising destination for major luxury brands seeking to relocate their production. As Asian labour costs have risen, luxury companies face challenges related to inconsistent electrical production, degraded production quality, and increasing export taxes. In response, these brands are returning to their roots, aiming to reduce their reliance on "Made in China" and prioritize quality standards. Mauritius has the potential to become a hub for luxury brands, thanks to its tax advantages, know-how, and environmental stability. Improvements are needed in Mauritius to attract more luxury investment and enhance the local industry.

The project explored the current state of the Luxury market worldwide, and what would Mauritius need to enter this market. A roadmap was prepared to explain step-by-step what will be needed, in a 2 and 5 years action plan.
Following the audit of the 33 Mauritian manufacturers and brands, the following was revealed:

  • There are only a few companies that are very close to reaching the capacity for internationalization, and could become operational within a few months, particularly in the rum sector;
  • The rest will require 1 to 2 years of support to attain the necessary level for establishing manufacturing contracts with the world's leading luxury brands.