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Consulting services for Installation of Continuously Operating Reference Stations as part of the Land Registration and Cadastre System for Sustainable Agriculture Project


Land Administration, Environment and Climate Change, Agriculture, Natural Resource Management

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The Land Registration and Cadastre System for Sustainable Agriculture project (LRCSP) in Tajikistan is aimed at expanding farmland restructuring; increasing the number of immovable properties with secure tenure rights; development of a plan for the improvement of the immovable property registration system; and development of positional infrastructure and capacity building to provide land users with high quality digital cadastral maps developed on the basis of data acquired with modern geodetic equipment.

Component A: Farmland Restructuring and Registration of Immovable Property Rights (i) enhance and expand farmland restructuring activities, regularize use rights certificates, and improve records needed for immovable property registration in a systematic, fair and transparent way; (ii) build capacity for farmland restructuring and registration of immovable property rights; (iii) develop the national cadastre and establish survey and mapping capacity and spatial databases; and (iv) conduct policy analysis supporting farmland restructuring and immovable property registration.

Component B: Information for Immovable Property Users and Irrigation Support to (i) provide information for farmers and other holders of immovable property use rights; (ii) provide grants to water user associations for on-farm irrigation rehabilitation and water management; and (iii) build capacity in environmental land management. The Project supports the Tajikistan Government reform agenda for land and other immovable property with three basic topics:
– Farmland restructuring, in order to strengthen the incentive structure for agricultural production;
– A cadastral system, with spatial data to support the immovable property registration system, land use management and a variety of other functions;
– An immovable property registration system recording rights and transactions, to support real estate markets (i.e., market transfers of use rights to land and buildings).

A transparent modern cadastral system provides a geographic description of the parcel boundaries for the land use right certificates which is spatially accurate and linked to the national coordinate system. Since 2009, the Government has enacted a number of regulations to facilitate the establishment of an accessible geodetic coordinate system. With this support the Government has established a new geodetic coordinate and network system, obtained recent satellite imagery for the flatter areas of the country and processed most of these to form base maps, built the survey capacity, carried out surveys (using the rectified imagery base maps where available) and developed spatial information for each land parcel that is on the certificates issued under the Project. ORGUT supports the establishment of a network of Continuously Operating Reference Stations (CORS) that will provide a framework for precise satellite based surveying and positioning. The CORS network will make it possible to perform surveys by much faster methods and less expensive equipment. Regional Land Cadaster Centers established by LRCSP owing GNSS equipment will be able to reduce their measurements costs by 50%. That reduction will also greatly improve the capacity LRCSP to delineate precisely parcel boundaries.