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Context Analysis Bolivia


Monitoring and Evaluation, Environment and Climate Change, Civil Society

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The Swedish NGO Forum Syd works with project support in a number of Latin American countries, among them Bolivia. Within the project support there is a concentration of projects in Bolivia. Forum Syd decided to carry a strategic context analysis of Bolivia. Rights based work and the strengthening of civil society are key issues to any involvement of Forum Syd. The overall objective of the context analysis was to map the civil society in Bolivia and its environment, as well as defining the framework for Forum Syd’s work in Bolivia. The analysis serves as a base for the ‘Forum Syd Strategy for Bolivia’, to be used in the ongoing project support, for setting priorities and strategies within the project support as well as in outlining possible future Forum Syd involvement in Bolivia.

The context analysis was based on Forum Syd’s ‘Guide for Context Analysis’. Apart from the areas and questions outlined in the guide, the study covered a discussion of the Bolivian civil society and analysed donor’s ideas of how and within which areas Forum Syd could play a role in Bolivia.

The consultant presented suggestions of sectors where Forum Syd could focus its work within the project support and in a possible future programme. Suggestions were also made on possible cooperation and coordination opportunities with Forum Syd’s member organisations.