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Crop Diversification and Commercialisation Project (TA 7331-NEP)


Agriculture, Market Development, Natural Resource Management

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The TA increased marketing surplus and domestic trade by improving efficiency in production, postharvest, processing, and marketing of diversified high-value crops. The project was envisaged to contribute to increased employment and improved food security among poor, socially, and geographically excluded farmers in the 14 project districts An incremental area of about 22,000 ha was brought under diversified crop production while technology transfer supported to attain significant increases in crop yields, and consequently substantial increase in volume of high-value crops and processed products in the local and national markets and for export.

The outcome of the TA was a project design whose output included:

  • Developed strategies for effective extension and technology transfer for high-value crops among farmers including climate-adaptive farming and postharvest techniques, to meet market demand;
  • Assessment of the institutional capacity of the DADOs and farmer groups which served as a basis for developing strategies for improving their capacity of delivering agricultural support services;
  • Selected production pocket areas requiring postharvest, processing, and market infrastructure support, including plans/strategies for strengthening marketing service and linkages through the value chain; and
  • A project design that detailed the management and implementation plan/arrangements.

These were embodied in a project feasibility study report, acceptable to ADB and the Government. The project concluded in July 2010 upon submission of the Final report and the draft Project Administration Manual.