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Curriculum Development & Strategic Institution Building Plan


Land Administration, Environment and Climate Change, Natural Resource Management

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SARDP is a rural development programme improving the livelihoods of local communities through sustainable increase in agricultural productivity, natural resource management, economic diversification, and promotion of good governance and equitable development. It provides direct support to Woredas (districts) through woreda development funds, supports agricultural research and extension, funds infrastructure development, builds capacity at all levels, supplies credits to rural poor and for micro and small scale enterprises, and develops a land administration system.

Within this program, the Amhara National Regional State (ANRS) placed the issue of land on top of agenda. The regional government decided that all farmers should have long term rights to land. The land is still owned by the state but the farmers can register for lifetime entitlement. Other regions have initiated the development of similar systems.

For the purpose of establishing a study programme in Land Administration at the Bahir Dar University (BDU), the Environmental Protection, Land Administration and Use Authority (EPLAUA) and the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm are developing a curriculum and a strategic institution building plan intended to institutionalize the training programme at BDU with a training programme that can be used by all Ethiopians. The new training program is to be launched during the autumn of 2006