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Design and supervision of Tayaseer waste water treatment plant and associated collection and reuse component


Water Sector Services, Local Government and Decentralisation, Natural Resource Management, Agriculture, Urban Development, Natural Resource Management, Good Governance and Public Administration

Start date

End date

Preparation of detailed and final design for the collection, evacuation, treatment and reuse of wastewater; tender documents and works contracting assistance, construction management; support, training and accompanying measures, in particular regarding the reuse of the wastewater after treatment.

Technical characteristics:

  • wastewater collection networks: 52 km of pipes between ND 200 and 350 mm
  • wastewater conveyance system: 12 km of pipes between 300 and 500 mm
  • WTP: 45 000 EH, 8,800 m3/day in 2035
  • irrigation infrastructure: treated water reservoir, pumping station, conveyance pipes and storage tanks


Phase 1 – Detailed Design and tendering documents preparation

  • Duly documented and justified detailed design of all necessary infrastructures for the collection, treatment and reuse of wastewater for the towns of Tubas, Tayaseer and Aqqaba, as well as full set of tender documentation for the procurement of works, supplies and services needed for the successful implementation of the project.


Phase 2 – Construction Supervision and Technical Training

  • Operational Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) according to design discharge levels
  • Staff from Joint Service Council are capable of carrying out operation and maintenance for the WWTP
  • Operational network for the Reuse in Agriculture of the treated effluent
  •  Staff from Farmers/Water Users associations are capable of carrying out operation and maintenance for the Reuse network