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Develop a Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) System for the Environment and Natural Resource Sector in Rwanda


Natural Resource Management, Environment and Climate Change, Monitoring and Evaluation, Natural Resource Management

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The objective of this consultancy is to design a comprehensive monitoring and evaluation system that ensures the Environment and Natural Resources (ENR) in Rwanda effectively contributes to national sustainable development through results based management support to the sector as well as across other sectors of the economy whose optimum performance and productivity is dependent on ENR. Towards this goal will be a deliberate and innovative capacity building plan that will ensure that the M&E is supported through domestic capacity at all institutional levels that is constantly evolving to ensure that Rwanda’s on-going economic growth leads to sustainable development which is both intra- and inter-generational in scope.

ORGUT consulted with sector stakeholders and explored indicators, data requirements, sources and standards, and worked with the sector institutions to develop and propose suitable approaches and technical solutions for data capture and management; define and refine indicators and metadata requirements; and propose the introduction of relevant international green economy indices. The team also designed a programme of technical assistance that would support the implementation of the M&E system. The M&E consultancy was responsible to the Ministry of environment and natural resources (MINIRENA), the affiliate institutions that include REMA and RNRA; and the implementing partners who constitute and function under the Sector Working Group (SWG) on ENR. The majority of tasks were undertaken in collaboration with implementing sub-sector working groups and other stakeholders who represented the technical teams for the ENR sector.