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Development of a Model Transfer Agreement between the Ministry of Water and Irrigation, the National Water Conservation and Pipeline Corporation and the Water Services Boards


Public Administration Reform, Water Sector Services, Good Governance and Public Administration, Natural Resource Management

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TA is supported by three national and two international short-term consultants; advisors in Water Sector Reform, Water Act Legality and Human Resources, and Water Sector Reform and Financial Management respectively. The services to be carried out include:
• Assess the extent to which all the gazetted aspects have been undertaken.
• Identify the gaps in the implementation of the transfer as contained in the Gazette Notice.
• Make recommendations on how to best address the identified gaps to enable the basic transfer process to be completed by June 2008.
• Oversee the preparation of model Transfer Agreements between MWI/NWCPC on one hand and WSBs on the other.
• Identify and list out different aspects, tasks and components that are identified in the Transfer Plan for implementation.
• Rapidly assess progress in the implementation of the different aspects, tasks and components at each WSB noting gaps that need to be addressed.
• On the basis of the assessment, make recommendations on how to best address the gaps to ensure that the transfer process is fully completed by 30 June, 2008.
• Draft formats for Transfer Agreements between MWI/NWCPC and each WSB.
• Prepare recommendations for KWSP support to the process.