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Development of a PFM Handbook for Sida staff


Public Financial Management, Good Governance and Public Administration

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SIPU together with SAAC AB developed a handbook in Public Finance Management (PFM) which was used as a manual and reference book by Sida staff at the Head Office in Sweden and at Swedish Embassies around the world. It was also distributed to other cooperation agencies and it was highly appreciated since there were few hands-on manuals available on the subject.

The contents were:

  1. Introduction to PFM in Development Cooperation
  2. PFM and the Cooperation Strategy
  3. PFM and General Budget Support for Poverty Reduction
  4. PFM in the “sector” and Sector Programme Support
  5. PFM Assessment
  6. PFM Reform
  7. Specific Reform Issues
  8. Fiscal Decentralisation and Local Influence on PFM