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Development of a programme support document to the Malawi Human Rights Commission


Local Government and Decentralisation, Other, Good Governance and Public Administration

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The purpose of the project was to support the Malawi Human Rights Commission to develop a Project Support Document (PSD). The consultancy was commissioned by the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Lilongewe, and funded by the Norwegian and Swedish development cooperation agencies (Norad and Sida).

SIPU International, together with the Raul Wallenberg Institute (RWI) conducted two joint workshops with the Commission. The first workshop focused on a SWOT analysis of the Commission. In the second workshop the findings of the SWOT analysis were merged and developed into departmental plans for action, defining objectives, activities and demand for resources. In this process, a Task Force within the Commission was established which further developed the findings from the first workshop. The output of the two workshops was consolidated into a project support document.