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Development of Information and Communication Technology Strategy for State Enterprise CADASTRU in the Republic of Moldova


Land Administration, Environment and Climate Change, Natural Resource Management

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The assignment focused on developing the Information and Communication Technology Strategy for the State Enterprise CADASTRU in the Republic of Moldova. The Information and Communication Technology Strategy (ICTS) is comprised of the following key components: A vision, a management framework and a number of strategic programmes that will shape the future of ICT at CADASTRU.

The ICTS was developed to ensure local involvement and contribution and it will assist CADASTRU in the following areas:

  • Developing a modern IT solution for registration of ownership and other rights in land, as well as for other data, for which information CADASTRU is responsible;
  • Ensuring that all information of CADASTRU is well integrated, interoperable and functioning as a part of the National Spatial Data Infrastructure;
  • Ensuring better services to users and improved public access to property information, as outlined in the e-Government plan for Moldova;
  • Enabling human and financial resources of CADASTRU to be efficiently deployed and utilized.