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Development of Modern Human Resource Management (HRM) in the Civil Service, the Republic Of Serbia


Public Administration Reform, Good Governance and Public Administration

Start date

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Overall objective:
A professional HRM cadre and a well-functioning HRM System developed in the Serbian government institutions, competent in all matters of HRM and Human Resources Development. This cadre will be able to recruit, retain and develop staff in concurrence with strategic plans guiding the respective institutions.

Specific objective:
-An HRMIS (HR Management Information System) is established

– All HR staff (about 150) in all Republican Ministries and in all State Agencies unit fully able to handle the system
– Data covering 25 000 employees entered
– Management trained and users manual developed
– HRMIS implemented in the National Bank of Serbia

Specific objective:
– A HRM organisation established in all Ministries and Agencies, competent in parts of HRM

All Heads and specialists as well as administrators of the HR Units at the Ministries and Agencies were given a comprehensive HR training program of 4-5 training courses. In total, HR Heads were given 25 days of training and specialists 20 days
– HR Units were given extensive hands-on advice on various HR matters
Tailor-made seminars and workshops were held for top management levels (Secretary Generals and Assistant Ministers) on various HR related matters.
Six study visits were carried out to Sweden and Estonia giving in-depth knowledge and information about HR policies and practices in connection to PAR.

Specific objective:
-Capacity building of Ministry of Public Administration and Office for Human Resource Management (SUK)

– Ministry and SUK were trained in strategic planning
– HRMIS was transferred to SUK
– Training of trainers concept was developed and used during final rounds of trainings for HR staff in state agencies
– HR training and teaching manuals were developed
– Study tour to Sweden was implemented for SUK management