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Efficiency Audit of the Sida-financed project agricultural co-operation South Sweden – Kaliningrad

Russia, Sweden

Monitoring and Evaluation, Natural Resource Management, Agriculture, Natural Resource Management

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Sida had given support to the agriculture project cooperation project between southern Sweden and Kaliningrad Oblast for several years. Sida needed to know how efficient the past support had been, its strengths, weaknesses and main results. Key questions for the evaluation were:

  • Have the Sida financed interventions achieved its objectives or will it do so in the future?
  • What are the overall effects and results of the Sida financed interventions, intended and unintended, long term and short term, positive and negative?
  • What have been the main risks, and risk management, in the ongoing implementation, and which are the specific risks foreseen for any future implementation?
  • Have there been deviations in implementation, and how have these been handled by the project?
  • How have the activities contributed to gender equality, both in qualitative and quantitative terms?
  • Are the Sida financed interventions consistent with the needs and priorities of its target group and the policies of the partner country and Sida?
  • Will the benefits produced by the Sida financed interventions be maintained after the cessation of external support?
  • Can the costs of the Sida financed interventions be justified by the results, and what is the calculated cost efficiency of the intervention in measurable terms?