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Enhanced Procurement due diligence


Good Governance and Public Administration, Urban Development

Start date

End date

For each of the projects, the Service Provider
• Prepared a questionnaire to collect basic information about the project which will allow to decide whether a project needs enhanced due diligence (based on but not limited of Annex III).
• Collected and analyse information from the Promoter
• Prepared, and agreed with EIB, a list of contracts to undergo enhanced procurement due diligence based on a set of selection criteria also to be agreed with EIB. In principle, it is expected that only works, supervision and design contracts were selected and only contracts above certain value. The Service Provider may propose other criteria after review of each project.

According to the requirements of Section 2.3 of the ToR, the service provider attached to the project reports all relevant information and document copies as annexes, especially:

  • Presentation of results (including price estimations and assessment documents)
  • List of minor errors and process disruptions found (where applicable)
  • List of “red flag” related documents (where applicable)
  • Recommendations regarding future projects of the Promoter

After the commencement of the project, EIB has informed all participants that regardless of the initial plans, assessment of Project I, II and III has to be completed by the end of 2022 to be able to apply for approval of financing internally at the Bank. EIB requested rescheduling related tasks and deliverables from the service provider.

The service provider however did everything that was possible, in a proactive manner, to complete the assignment for the 4 projects that were identified, project reports have been completed accordingly. The service provider also showed maximum flexibility of extending the contract to provide the necessary efforts in case Project V is identified – it was beyond control of the service provider that Project V was never identified.