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Enhancing Small Farmers’ Access to Agribusiness Services in the Central Region, Viet Nam


Agriculture, Natural Resource Management

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This project aimed at developing the agribusiness capacity of the Faculty of Economics and Development Studies at Hue College of Economics (HCE) so that to act as a strategic resource for rural development in the Central regions of Vietnam. Goal of this project was to enhance smallholders’ access to agribusiness services in the Central Region as a way to provide smallholders necessary skills in agribusiness so that they can improve their livelihoods.  The capacity building program included 3 phases:

  1. Gathering of information regarding the agribusiness features of smallholders and the associated supply chains in four provinces: Thua Thien Hue, Kon Tum, Quang Ngai and Nghe An, as well as the agribusiness skills and knowledge of extension service providers. In 2010 the project was extended to include another 4 provinces. Development of training courses for them and the development of an agribusiness program curriculum at HCE;
  2. Detailed case studies of the smallholder farms and of selected agribusiness supply chains were undertaken.
  3. The Hue College of Economics (HCE) staff were trained in agribusiness and training courses for smallholders and extension service providers were developed and delivered too. Furthermore, the agribusiness curriculum at HCE was reviewed and modified to align with international standards and content.

The main agriculture products involved was rice. Indeed, many case studies and research have been conducted for rice commercialization. These activities aimed to improve capacity in agribusiness for rice, understanding better farmers’ roles, relationships between farmers and enterprises/cooperatives, and rural market.

The results of the activity encompassed:

  1. Establishment of a modern agribusiness curriculum at HCE producing about 80 graduates a year, over 60 DARD staff in 8 provinces qualified as agribusiness trainers,
  2. Increased income for many smallholders through improved use of farm agribusiness methods and HCE staff undertaking research and agribusiness consultancies for poverty reduction projects.
  3. Extension staff of 4 provinces participated in seminars, workshops, conducted case studies, and build up farm agribusiness planning. The project trained 6-8 extension staff in each province. These persons became future Trainers and delivered afterwards 33 courses for 3,000 farmers. 

Moreover, the project received an outstanding project award from CARD/MARD in 2010 for the achievements obtained.