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Establishment of a M&E and MIS System


Water Sector Services, Natural Resource Management

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One national and one international M&E/MIS expert delivered technical support with the following key tasks:
• Development of an overall conceptual framework of MIS and M&E at Programme level;
• Assisting MWI in developing its M&E framework, systems and tools, appropriate M&E parameters, indicators and follow-up mechanisms;
• Support to MWI in establishing and consolidating the monitoring, evaluation and co-ordination roles of the Ministry (MWI) as outlined in the reform plans and Strategic Plan of MWI;
• Support to the development of the MIS/M&E Unit to be established within the MWI, assessment of its staffing requirements and training needs;
• Support to KWSP management in developing a comprehensive MIS and M&E manual for the programme;
• Looking into the further development of the performance agreements, performance targets and performance indicators between (1) the WSRB and the WSBs and (2) the WSBs and the WSPs;
• Supporting each new institution in the establishment of reporting systems for performance based upon their performance contracts;
• Support to the further development of organisational strategies and business plans of the WSBs;
• Further development of WSBs’ quarterly reporting guidelines and reporting formats (based on the initial work done for the WRMA and draft prepared by the RWSS team);
• Development of the framework for information and data needs by the various sector institutions, assisting in developing the actual M&E tools and reporting formats;
• Pilot baseline surveys in order to establish current service levels in selected locations;
• Support to RWSS component and WSTF in developing a simple M&E tool for ongoing projects;
• Support to developing appropriate indicators for monitoring (work plans, CPC, etc.);
• Support to the MWI M&E Unit on how their organisation could be structured, and the development of MWI’s coordination and M&E role.