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EU-Ukraine advisory services


Local Government and Decentralisation, Other, Good Governance and Public Administration

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The assignment aimed at helping Sida and the Swedish Embassy in Ukraine, implementing agencies as well as national and international partners to better understand the impact of the on-going EU-Ukraine negotiations and the associated economic, legal and other implications for Ukraine's European integration agenda.

The Advisory Services focused on providing informed guidance from experts on EU integration and the Neighbourhood Policy with practical and updated knowledge, complement implementation where partners need knowledge on EU processes and structures, and assist both sides in being precise and hands-on with risks and risks management. Initially, the Advisory Services fed into the Mid-Term Review for the Swedish Cooperation Strategy 2009-2013, scheduled for November 2011.

The assignment implied a variety of services:

  • Assess the state of play of the current negotiations between the EU and Ukraine, the overall impact for strategy implementation, and the possibilities opening.
  • Provide an in-depth analysis of the legal, economic and other development related agendas and their implications for the two strategy sectors.
  • Identify issues where Ukraine’s government policy choices against the background of the evolving situation might present a significant risk for external assistance.
  • Offer recommendations to improve/complement ongoing support to the FTA+ /WTO area.
  • Review the processes on both sides regarding the ENPI, the CIB, the Eastern Partnership or other similar instruments/policies.
  • Monitor the EC position towards Ukraine and the Community Assistance to Ukraine.
  • Monitor and map changes in the position of EU Member States concerning Ukraine and advise on potential for synergies.