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Evaluation of Danida”s Fellowship Programme (DFP)

Denmark, Ghana, Uganda

Monitoring and Evaluation

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Danida Fellowship Centre (DFC) was founded in 1990 to manage and implement the Danida supported Fellowship Programme. The DFC is specialised in supplying courses and other training interventions for Danida's programmes and projects. The Fellowship Programme supports Capacity Development (CD) in developing countries by organizing and/or implementing CD support in terms of courses, studies, research, study tours, seminars, etc. in Denmark as well as in developing countries, nationally and regionally. The support includes interdisciplinary courses, tailor-made courses, degree studies, strategic initiatives and study/exposure tours, with a duration varying from 2 weeks to full master or PhD programmes.

The DFC had seen important changes over the years, not least the decision from 2009 to branch out its capacity development support to take place in developing countries, emphasising the wish to align more closely to the capacity needs and capacity development policies of the countries. Thus, a variety of activities (primarily interdisciplinary courses) were carried out in developing countries through cooperation with partner institutions. Over the years, considerable resources have been allocated to the Fellowship Programme. Danida’s Evaluation Department therefore commissioned an evaluation of the support to the Danida Fellowship Programme (DFP) under DFC.

The overall purpose of the evaluation was to document and assess the supported activities and the related results, with an aim to contribute to both accountability and learning. It assessed the different achievements of the programme, as well as the framework and processes for accomplishing results.