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Evaluation of Docudays International Documentary Human Rights Festival


Monitoring and Evaluation

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The evaluation will focus on Sida’s support to Docudays International Documentary Human Rights Festival which comprises several projects and activities of the Docudays NGO – (1) the 20th international human rights documentary film festival (DOCU/UKRAINE, DOC/SHORT, DOCU/WORLD, RIGHTS NOW AND DOCU/SYNTHESIS), and DOCU/PRO industry platform.
The Docudays CSO activities entail four directions:
• Direction 1: International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival Docudays UA
• Direction 2: Awareness-raising
• Direction 3: RIGHTS NOW! Human rights programme
• Direction 4: DOCU/PRO industry platform
The evaluation will assess Docudays’ performance in relation to its results framework and how lessons learned can be extracted.