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Evaluation of Liberia Dujar Association

Liberia, Sweden

Monitoring and Evaluation

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The objective of the evaluation was to assess the achievements of Liberia Dujar Association (LDA) as a whole but mainly during the period 2009 – 2011, based on the overall objective "to provide access to quality and relevant educational services – more concretely schools and vocational training – in order to contribute to poverty reduction". The evaluation included a specific assessment of the results of support provided by Sida and the collaboration with the organisation.

Inception and Desk Study

  • The inception phase included meetings with stakeholders in Sweden and a desk study of relevant documentation. Meetings in Sweden will take place specifically with representatives of LDA Sweden as well as staff at Sida’s unit for Liberia and Sierra Leone in Stockholm.
  • The desk study included an analysis of the key documents related to the project. Also, a preliminary list of meetings was compiled.