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Evaluation of RFSU’s programme “Improving Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender (LGBT) Rights and Health (including HIV/Aids) in South Asia through strengthening Civil Society Organisations

Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka

Monitoring and Evaluation, Gender Equality, Health

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The overall objective of the regional programme for cooperation between RFSU and LGBT organisations was to improve the human rights and health for LGBT people in South Asia. Improving human rights will increase the possibilities for LGBT persons in the region to access health, healthcare and information, earn a livelihood, be less discriminated against and in general enjoy a higher standard of living and increased quality of life. The programme addressed the LGBT community’s internal and external issues that are part of creating and reproducing marginalization and repression of LGBT persons, such as livelihoods, safety, health (including HIV), laws and policy. Sida has financed the programme since its start. The programme purpose as formulated by the partners is: alliance of strong and effective civil society organisations working for LGBT health and rights in South Asia.

Activities in the programme are envisaged to feed into five outcomes:

  1. Organisations better equipped to respond to health issues of the LGBT community
  2. Improved skills of organisations in working for LGBT legal rights.
  3. Enhanced organisational capacities to effectively manage the work.
  4. Organisations equipped with effective advocacy tools for media on LGBT issues.
  5. Organisations are networking and meeting for mutual capacity building and activities.

The purpose of this evaluation was to deepen the understanding for all stakeholders (Sida, RFSU, and partner organisations) of the programme by:

  • Producing results information of programme progress.
  • Documenting lessons learnt and make them available to partner organisations.
  • Assessing the relevance of the Network for creating prerequisites for programme progress
  • Assessing the sustainability of the Network given the geographic distances between the partner organisations, and between RFSU and the network organisations.
  • Assessing the composition of the Network
  • Providing concrete recommendations to RFSU, partner organisations and Sida for making adjustments for the remaining time of the programme.
  • Outlining possible strategies for exiting, continuing or expanding (to South East Asia)

The intended users of the mid-term review are RFSU, the network-organisations and Sida (Team for Regional Asia).