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Evaluation of support to political parties in Bolivia


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The purpose of the assignment was to conduct the final evaluation of the project "Strengthening democratic political organizations of Bolivia", implemented by UNDP with funding from the Swedish Embassy. In particular, the effects as well as the positive and negative impacts of projects carried out in the two areas: 1) political parties and 2) the party system were studied. Through this, it was possible to analyse the consistency of the design, implementation, management, results and impacts achieved by the projects during the implementation period (2009-2012).

The evaluation results will be useful for the interacting parties in the project. On one side is the UNDP and the Swedish Embassy directly linked to the project, whose interest lies in learning about the contribution to the strengthening of a multi-party system, as well as in learning and drawing from the good practices in supporting democratic political institutions. On the other side, there are the political organizations that are the direct beneficiaries that need information about the the institutional performance achieved in its organizations and operations, and the results regarding growth, cohesion and organizational structure.