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Evaluation of “Sustainable Livelihood Programme through Community Mobilization and Establishing Knowledge Resource Centre in Mazar-e-Sharif”


Civil Society, Gender Equality, Market Development, Forestry, Monitoring and Evaluation, Natural Resource Management

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In 2010, Sida signed a Financing Agreement with the CSO Hand in Hand International for the implementation of the Sustainable Livelihoods Programme (SLP). The design of the programme as agreed with Sida in 2010 foresaw the recruitment of 7,500 women and men into community based savings and loan groups of up to 20 members per group.

The purpose of the evaluation was twofold i) to promote learning by assessing lessons learned and achievements to date and ii) to provide recommendations that can be used by Sida to support decision making regarding continued financing. In a broader sense, the learning aspect stemming from the evaluation was also aimed to offer related stakeholders a deeper understanding of the HiH development model underpinning its programme objectives and activities, leading to greater understanding of micro level entrepreneurship in the context of broader market development in Afghanistan. The evaluation was guided by a gender sensitive approach throughout data gathering and analysis, recognizing women and men, girls and boys as actors and agents of change.

The evaluation analysed whether the HiH programme has met its overarching objective: 7,500 rural entrepreneurs in targeted provinces having gained the capacity to create a sustainable livelihood through access to training, Incubation Centres, District Development Hubs and a Knowledge Resource Centre.