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Evaluation of the cooperation between the cities of Stockholm and Tegucigalpa on Solid Waste Management and Environment


Monitoring and Evaluation, Local Government and Decentralisation, Urban Development, Environment and Climate Change, Natural Resource Management, Good Governance and Public Administration, Natural Resource Management

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Stockholm and Tegucigalpa cooperated in the field of environmental and waste management through a twinning arrangement since November 1999. In June 2001 the two cities officially embarked on an environmental cooperation project under which four sub projects were carried out addressing different areas of work within the waste management sector in the city of Tegucigalpa. The intention of the cooperation was to strengthen Tegucigalpa in its capacities related to management and administration of municipal (household), industrial and hospital waste, by working with institutional capacity building, information campaigns and provision of technical advice.

The four sub-projects were:

  1. Institutional Capacity building and Support in Waste Management,
  2. Regulatory Supervision Program for Industrial Waste,
  3. Municipal information focusing on solid waste and environment, and
  4. Hospital waste.

The sub projects were implemented between June 2001 and October 2005, when the project formally came to and end.

Shortly after the final closure of the sub projects, the SIDA office in Tegucigalpa requested an evaluation of the project as a whole in order to learn from the experiences obtained and to gain a further understanding of how the waste management sector worked in Honduras, as well as how the experiences may assist similar projects in other cities.