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Evaluation of The National Legal Aid Clinic for Women’s (NLACW) Access to Justice Programme in Zambia


Gender Equality, Justice/Rule of Law, Monitoring and Evaluation

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The evaluation of the Swedish support to the implementation of the National Legal Aid Clinic for Women (NLACW) Strategic Plan 2019-2023 was commissioned by the Embassy of Sweden (EoS) through the Sida Framework Agreement for Decentralized Evaluations.  The evaluation started in early August and run until mid-November 2023. It was carried out by an Evaluation Team (ET) from FCG Sweden in close collaboration with the EoS and NLACW with the purpose of enhancing organizational learning and provide input for future collaboration and financial support.

The main evaluation object was NLACW, as well as samples of women, children and other vulnerable or marginalized people who have benefitted from legal aid assistance and initiatives to enhance legal literacy. A main purpose of the evaluation was to provide input to NLACW for the formulation of the next strategic plan, and to the Embassy of Sweden for decision-making on future support to NLACW. The evaluation had a strong focus on learning and documentation of lessons learned. The main objective of the evaluation was to assess the performance of the NLACW Strategic Plan 2019-2023. i.e. the extent to which the NLACW Strategic Plan 2019-2023 has contributed to the promotion of gender equality in Zambia.