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Evaluation of the project Leaders Engaged in New Democracies Network (LEND)

Moldova, Tunisia

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The project Leaders Engaged in New Democracies (LEND) Network, intended to create a network between political leaders in emerging democracies. The project’s three components included:

  1. Two face to- face meetings of the Network’s participants organized by the CdM;
  2. A secure virtual space for sharing expertise and lessons learned;
  3. A new groundbreaking transition tool that should enable leaders to communicate in real-time without linguistic barriers.

This evaluation assessed the support Sweden has provided to the LEND. The Swedish contribution has been to provide financial support to Club de Madrid to arrange two conferences, one in Tunisia and one in Moldova, for political leaders and policy makers as well as participants of the LEND Network. The main objectives of the evaluation were to

  1. assess and analyse the achievements of the project in relation to the outcomes identified, i.e. improvements in capacity, attitudes, relationships and performance of the targeted stakeholders
  2. identify and describe strengths and weaknesses in the strategies/approaches taken in the program and
  3. issue recommendations regarding the effectiveness and usefulness of a continued support to the project.