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External Review of Stockholm Environment Institute, SEI Strategy 2020-2024


Environment and Climate Change, Monitoring and Evaluation, Natural Resource Management

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Every five years, SEI undertakes an external review of its performance against the goals set in its multi-year strategy. SEI’s most recent external review was carried out from August to November in 2018. The findings informed the direction of SEI’s current ‘Strategy 2020-2024: Knowledge for action’. SEI has requested an external review of how the organisation has fared against the priorities set in the 2020-2024 strategy. This review is commissioned by SEI and Sida as per their agreement. The objective of this review is to give insights into SEI’s areas of strength and how these can be strengthened and provide recommendations for how to improve SEI’s effectiveness and relevance to its partners. The review will be shared with SEI’s key funders and Board of Directors. Its recommendations will be used by SEI management and staff to inform organizational and strategy development and learning. The purpose of this review is for SEI to hold itself accountable for the goals set in the SEI strategy and ensure SEI remains relevant to and effective in supporting and orienting partners, funders, and stakeholders in the field of environment and development.