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Fast Start Climate Change Initiative Grant Project Management


Natural Resource Management, Water Sector Services, Environment and Climate Change, Agriculture, Natural Resource Management

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As part of the outcomes of the COP 15 Meeting in Copenhagen, December 2009, Denmark committed to fast tracking the global climate change agenda. A climate change package funding for bilateral programmes was set aside for pilot projects.
The overall objectives of the Climate Change initiatives are to:
“Support climate change mitigation and adoption initiatives to enhance a “green economy” in Kenya by “greening” selective value chains within the private agriculture sector” and included initiatives for:
– Climate change mitigation and adaptations of agricultural productions value chains mainly on water and land related interventions,
– Renewable energy and energy reduction/ consumption mainly focussing on enhancement of private services and productive means,
– Climate adoptable food productions chains mainly with a focus on semi and arid land in Kenya.
A Pilot Project’s Management contract was signed with ORGUT Consulting Kenya Ltd.