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Feasibility Study: Bee-farm Upgrading in Šekovići region

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Market Development, Natural Resource Management, Environment and Climate Change, Monitoring and Evaluation, Natural Resource Management

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The purpose of the Fostering Agricultural Markets Activity (FARMA) is to provide technical assistance in Bosnia Herzegovina’s (BiH) agricultural (sub) sectors through demand driven assistance aimed at improved competitiveness of BiH agricultural products. FARMA is to expand environmentally sustainable production, processing and sales of value-added agricultural products. FARMA will help BiH to accomplish several critical objectives, such as increasing agricultural competitiveness, meeting EU accession standards, reducing poverty by expanding environmentally sustainable production, and increasing sales, exports, and employment.

Bosnia and Herzegovina is known for excellent honey. Annual production is approximately 2.500 tons of honey. Local demand is met by additional 2.150 tons imported from Croatia and Slovenia. BiH is one of the largest per capita consumers of honey in Europe. EkoMozaik ltd is a company 100% owned by Mozaik Foundation. It will use natural competitive advantages of rural BiH to increase production of honey and effectively compete both at local and international markets. By the end of 2010 EkoMozaik will have invested 450.000 Euro in both wooden beehive and organic honey (and bee-related) production. Expected honey production is between 50 and 100 tons per year. In addition, the production of wooden beehives is expected operate at a minimum 5,000 of whole sets.

During 2009 EkoMozaik established a production of wooden beehives and raised first 1,200 bee-colonies in two apiaries. By the end of 2010 EkoMozaik will have raised additional 1.800 bee-colonies, totaling 3.000. This apiary will be 4-5 times larger than second largest single-owned apiary in the country. It will provide 50 new jobs for individuals in Šekovići, Osmaci (RS) and Živinice (FBH) municipalities. This is a unique such project currently in the country.

The purpose of this activity was to support “EKO MOZAIK” ltd to conduct a feasibility study for upgrading a Bee – farm in Sekovici municipality to produce large quantities of highest quality organic honey to meet local demand and for export to the EU and Middle East. The outcome of this activity was:

  • The first large bee farm in BiH and one of the largest in the region
  • Sustainable jobs in Šekovići, Živinice and Osmaci municipalities
  • Strengthened economy of Šekovići, Živinice and Osmaci municipalities