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Final Project Evaluation: Integrated River Basin Management at Koshi River – Safeguarding the lives of millions


Monitoring and Evaluation, Water Sector Services, Natural Resource Management

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The project was initiated due to the recognition that Koshi basin is a major water system providing well-being and development for millions of people in the region. The project was designed to act as a showcase to demonstrate integrated river basin management approach and help replicating successes in other parts of the country and to develop a multi-country basin initiative. The objectives of the project were a.) to ensure that institutional structures are functional and have broad-based partner support to implement democratic IWRM approach, and b.) to ensure that local communities in target areas are empowered and capacitated to manage natural resources sustainably while reducing their vulnerability against the impacts of climate change. The project has been implemented through the 9 Integrated Resource Management Committees (IRMCs) at the catchment level.