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Financial Management Support including Procurement Systems Development and Training


Local Government and Decentralisation, Water Sector Services, Good Governance and Public Administration, Natural Resource Management

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Kenya Water and Sanitation Programme (KWSP) comprises of 3 components: water resources management (WRM); rural water supply and sanitation (RWSS); and support to water sector reform (WSR). New institutions have been created in the water sector including the: Water Services Regulatory Board (WSRB), Water Resources Management Authority (WRMA), Water Services Trust Fund (WSTF), Water Appeal Board (WAB) and the Water Service Boards (WSBs).

The overall objective of the Financial Management Support assignment was to assist the MWI and the new sector institutions in establishing efficient, service-oriented, and transparent structures/ working methods. The specific objective was to facilitate implementation of good financial management systems and procedures of operation and procurement. This involved 2 sub-objectives, a) development and implementation of Financial Management Systems Manuals, and b) procurement of Financial Management Information System software for the Ministry of Water and Irrigation (MWI).

The assignment was designed to focus on capacity building of national and regional staff, with training key staff of the WSBs, WRMA, and KWSP in reporting modalities and procedures, training in business planning concepts and how to apply the business plan module. Software procurement support assisted in development of a procurement approach, specifications and procurement documentation, and identification and acquisition of appropriate finance and accounting software packages for the KWSP, WSBs, WRMA, and WSTF.