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Food Technology Expert

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Market Development, Agriculture, Natural Resource Management, Other, Environment and Climate Change, Natural Resource Management

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The purpose of the Fostering Agricultural Markets Activity (FARMA) is to provide technical assistance in Bosnia Herzegovina (BiH) subsectors of agriculture markets through demand driven assistance aimed at improved competitiveness of BiH agricultural products. FARMA is to expand environmentally sustainable production, processing and sales of value-added agricultural products. The expected result of FARMA is contribution to poverty reduction.

Most Producer Organizations (POs) with whom FARMA works are selling mainly raw materials, with very little value-adding, no matter if they are F&V or MAP producers. Many of these POs are interested in value adding by producing products such as juices and jams, however, they are often unfamiliar with production methods (conventional or organic), ensuring high quality, and meeting EU food safety requirements.

The purpose of this assignment was to assist Producer Organizations (POs) produce value-added products, which are in accordance to EU requirements.