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Formulation Mission, the Finnish involvement in agricultural sector support


Gender Equality, Monitoring and Evaluation, Natural Resource Management, Natural Resource Management

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The main objective for the assignment was to design the component of Finnish contribution to agricultural sector in Mozambique which will support PROAGRI II but which will be funded outside of the basket fund. The result of the mission was a complete Project Framework Document (PFD). The Finnish support should strengthen the outreach of PROAGRI II, and the mission is to assess and propose the best option for this. The mission was to design an intervention focusing on capacity building and institutional support to the district and local level actors implementing the activities of PROAGRI II. The intervention was planned in line with project planning measures elaborated in the Strategy and Action plan for Promoting Gender Equality in Finland's Policy for Development Countries 2003-2007 and utilise Mozambique's national and sectoral gender plans to ensure that both men and women benefit equally from the results and activities of the project. The intervention mainstreamed the needs of women and women's informal organisations into the project approach and reflects them accordingly in the objective, purpose, and results of the project.