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Gender Equality

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Promoting gender equality and women's role in development co-operation is one of three thematic priorities for Swedish development co-operation, and an important part of Sida's work. The Swedish policy for gender equality in development cooperation “On Equal Terms – Policy for the Promotion of Equality Work, 2010-2015” further specify the most important priorities for Sida within the area of gender equality:

1. Women’s political participation and influence,
2. Women’s economic empowerment and working conditions,
3. Sexual and reproductive health and rights,
4. Women’s security, including all forms of gender based violence and human trafficking.

During implementation of the current Development Cooperation Strategy with Kosovo 2009-2012, gender equality has mainly been addressed through mainstreaming efforts and support to civil society. Support has been channelled through Kvinna till Kvinna to local women’s organisations.

The Swedish Government commissioned Sida to start preparations of a new strategy for the Western Balkans region. This review was an input to the strategy process.