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Grant No. 0652/0653-KIR: South Tarawa Water Supply Project – CSF-2 Project Implementation Assistance Consultants


Environment and Climate Change, Water Sector Services, Health, Natural Resource Management

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The government of Kiribati has recognised the magnitude of the limited water resource and associated socio-economic impacts and has taken the initiative to work with ADB, Green Climate Fund and WB to address the water supply situation in Kiribati through the South Tarawa Water Supply Project (STWSP). The overall programmatic objectives include:  

• Climate resilient and low carbon water supply infrastructure 
• Capacity of MISE and PUB to effectively manage water supply infrastructure increased 
• Awareness of WASH and climate change issues is raised 
• Project implementation is managed efficiently and effectively 

Key components of the program are the construction of climate-resilient and low-carbon water supply infrastructure; capacity building enhancement for staff of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Sustainable Energy as well as the Public Utilities Board to better manage water supply infrastructure; and an awareness campaign in the project community regarding water, sanitation, and hygiene practices. These activities are expected to contribute to the project’s sustainability. The previous phases of the project include the Project Preparatory Technical Assistance (PPTA) 2017-2018 and the Project Design Advance (PDA) 2019- (ongoing).

The project is committed to supplementing the existing water supply to address shortages by undertaking infrastructure improvements, strengthening the Public Utilities Board and improving public health by offering an opportunity for all residents of South Tarawa to have access to safe water. The project reflects the complexity of the water supply problem in South Tarawa and uses a mix of approaches to provide additional water, reduce water  leakage, provide institutional strengthening and a facilitate behavioural change.  

The project comprises physical infrastructure improvements and behavioural change through a WASH program.  The physical improvements of water supply services include a desalination plant in West Betio and a smaller, upgradable desalination plant in McKenzie, an expanded and modernized water supply network, and a Solar photovoltaic power plant. 

The project will: 

• Improve access to safe potable water supply services in South Tarawa 
• Increase resilience of the services to climate change 
• Improve health and sanitation of the residents of South Tarawa 

During project implementation, the Project Management Unit will be supported by PIA consultants, who will smoothly continue right after the PDA, providing work under three components: A) PIA Assistance to the PMU in procurement, contract administration, M&E and supervision, B) PIA Assistance to the PMU with safeguards, gender and participation plan and C) PIA assistance to the PMU to undertake due diligence for proposed additional financing.