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Greater Mekong Subregion Biodiversity Conservation Corridors Project – Pilot Program for Climate Resilience Component (TA 7459-CAM)


Agriculture, Environment and Climate Change, Forestry, Natural Resource Management, Natural Resource Management

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This PPTA prepared the proposed grant project for Promoting Climate-Resilient Agriculture, Forestry, Water Supply and Coastal Resources in Koh Kong and Mondulkiri Province, as additional financing to the Biodiversity Conservation Corridors (BCC) Project. The key PPTA output was a feasibility study report in the format of an ADB Board paper to address all aspects of the proposed Additional Financing of the BCC Project, including updating the existing project design for approval by the PPCR Sub-Committee and the ADB. The Project components include:

  1. Community-based Production Forestry, including  establishment of community forestry enterprises and training in management techniques and marketing;
  2. Climate Resilient Rice Production, including rehabilitation of one irrigation system,  organization of water user groups  and development of skills in operation and maintenance and efficient water management and introduction of  System of Rice Intensification rice techniques and improved varieties;
  3. Climate Resilient Horticulture, including provision of rainwater harvesting tanks, organizartion of water user groups and developing skills in O&M, use of techniques for water conservation and improving water productivity, and  facilitating local trading of fruit and vegetables;
  4. Coastal Climate Change Mitigation, including  community replanting and monitoring of mangrove forests and construction of bioengineered sea barriers to prevent incursion of saline water during winter high tides; and
  5. Micro-Watershed Model and Watershed Planning Framework, including  undertaking participatory climate change event vulnerability and resource assessments, flood preventation and planning against  extreme weather events and constructing water channeling and harvesting structures to channel rainwater to improve soil moisture content on rainfed plots.